Mark Butterworth

I climbed here between 1970 and 1980.

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Patrick's Point
Humboldt County

Climbers Guide

On the coast of northern California about 60 miles from the Oregon boarder is Patrick's Point State Park. This beautiful park has many rocks to climb. I first started climbing when I was 14 in 1970 and continued to climb in the park until 1980. I had the opportunity to meet Frank Jager a few times. He and Price had done many of the first accents in the park and had written a small guide to the Ceremonial Rock area. I decided to write this guide around 1974 to document many of the climbs not mentioned in the earlier guide. Some of the best climbing is down on the ocean cliffs. Seagulls Traverse is truly a great climb on the right day with the ocean waves crashing below. Email me your stories and updates to this guide.